Envisioning a New Future for the Enterprise with a Big Data Experience Framework

  • Faith McCrearyEmail author
  • Anne McEwan
  • Derrick Schloss
  • Marla Gomez
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 275)


The enterprise experience is often a fragmented one that spans multiple vendors, devices, and products. Big data has garnered attention as companies attempt to transform it into a competitive advantage. In the enterprise where users generate mountains of data, it is often under-utilized for managing the user experience (UX), or at best used in a limited way to improve an individual product. Those wanting to do more with big data often struggle to derive meaningful insights or relate it to outputs of more traditional UX methods. We present a hybrid analysis approach to bridge the chasm between big data and outputs of UX methods; it allowed us to define an over-arching experience framework that provided actionable insights across the enterprise. We will discuss the underlying methodology and how the work is transforming experience decision making. We will highlight how different roles use the framework and provide key learnings from its use.


enterprise transformation IT strategy user experience big data service design agile teams user research organizational transformation 


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