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Seismic Geometry and Facies Analysis of a Quaternary Tunnel Glacial Valley Infill in the Dutch North Sea: Preliminary Results

  • Antonio BenvenutiEmail author
  • Andrea Moscariello
Conference paper
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We present a preliminary seismic interpretation of internal and external geometries for the terminal sector of the largest tunnel valley (TV) of the southern North Sea. Well logs and sediment cuttings are used to constrain the interpretation of different seismostratigraphic units. The valley floor undulations and grooves suggest that subglacial overpressured meltwater was the dominant valley genetic process, most likely associated with several phases of ice-sheet retreat and readvance. The geometries of the TV infill could be associated either with synglacial processes (e.g., backsets) or with postglacial fluvial sediments related to the drainage of a proglacial lake that developed during the Elsterian glacial maximum to the southwest of the ice-sheet termination.


Tunnel valleys Overdeepening Glacial sediments Seismic stratigraphy Wells 


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  1. 1.Earth and Environmental SciencesUniversity of GenevaGenevaSwitzerland

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