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Palaeogene Carbonates of Oman: Lithofacies and Stratigraphy

  • Michaela BerneckerEmail author
Conference paper
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Limestones deposited on the southeastern Arabian shelf during the Palaeogene were studied from surface and subsurface locations in North and South Oman. The investigation included an examination of lithofacies, biota distribution, and depositional palaeoenvironment related to stratigraphy. The facies associations and benthic biota distributions can be differentiated according to the time intervals of late Palaeocene–early Eocene, middle Eocene, and Oligocene. Arabian platform development and regional controls on the distribution of facies and biota are discussed.


Palaeocene–Eocene Oligocene Limestones Carbonates Palaeoenvironment Biotic changes Surface and subsurface Arabian Platform Oman 


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  1. 1.German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)AhaibahSultanate of Oman

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