Application of Thermal Analysis to the Investigation of Phase Composition of Autoclaved Cement Pastes and Mortars

  • Irena Stebnicka - Kalicka


Thermal analysis has shown that autoclaving of cement pastes and mortars generates products with lower content of bounded H2O than that obtained on curing under other conditions /air — dry, water, steam/. As a result an increased porosity of autoclaved materials is observed. Basing on the data obtained by thermal analysis. X-ray diffraction and mercury porosimetry the following conclusions can be drawn: lower strength of autoclaved cement materials, particulary in comparison with specimens cured in steam or in water, is caused by unfavourable effect of increased porosity and by the presence of hydrogarnets C3AH6-C3ASH4 1/ Absence of ∝ -C2SH1/ has been proved. Besides, the increased porosity of autoclaved cement pastes and mortars caused an intensive carbonation with more quantity of cryptocrystalline CaCO3 than in other specimens.


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  • Irena Stebnicka - Kalicka
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  1. 1.Building Research InstituteWarszawaPoland

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