Application of Area-Thermocouples in the Thermal Analysis of Amorphous Thin Films

  • W. Ludwig


A technique is described in which the thermal behaviour of original thin layers was studied. By sputtering metallic films in the combinations Ni/Cr, Ni/Cu, Ni/Ag, Ni/Au, Cr/Cu and От/kg on glass-substrates area-thermocouples were produced. Inspite of good thermocurrents they have a low mechanical stability. Stable thermocouples were prepared by electrolytic separation of Ni or Cr onto thin copper plates. After passivation by sputtering with SiO, the amorphous layer was sputtered in the diameters of 20 x 20 mm. The thermal investigation was undertaken in a special measuring bar by application of a high sensitivity DTA-arrangement under inert conditions.

Thin films of Se, As2Se3 and Ge2Se3 were investigated and compared with bulk melt samples or separated amorphous layers. Glass transition temperatures of the thin films are increased in comparison to glasses prepared by quenching melts. The rate of crystallization decreases significantly.

Comparative electrical measurements are included in the discussions.


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  • W. Ludwig
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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryFriedrich Schiller University69 JenaDDR

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