• Jeremija Lj. Rašić
  • Joseph A. Kurmann
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Bifidobacteria were isolated and described in the period 1899 to 1900 by Tissiersc who named the type species Bacillus bifidus communis or B. bifidus. This organism was an anaerobic, Gram-positive, curved-rod often occurring as bifurcated Y-forms. They were the predominant organisms in the stools of breast-fed infants. About the same time Moro (1900 a,b) isolated from the stools of breast-fed infants facultative anaerobic, Gram-positive, straight rods which he typified as Bacillus acidophilus. He agreed with Tissier that this organism was different from B. bifidus but believed that B. acidophilus was the predominant organism in the stools of bottle-fed infants.


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  • Jeremija Lj. Rašić
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