Research on Availability of Campus Vending Machines: An Example for Xuhui Campus of East China University of Technology

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1217)


In the analysis of the availability of vending machines in Xuhui campus, East China University of Science and Technology, a series of problems were found in the product system. According to the results of research and data analysis, a standard model of human-computer interaction of vending machines is proposed, and the influence of human-computer interaction on the use of vending machines in the future is discussed, which will further help retail companies to improve products and upgrade product systems, so as to increase the attraction of products to users. This paper mainly adopts the methods of literature query, questionnaire survey and system availability analysis (SUS). The theoretical support of this article is mainly reflected in the definition of availability. The research in this article can enrich the academic theory of “Vending Machines”.


Human-machine interaction Vending machine Availability SUS Retail 



We thank everyone who provided valuable suggestions and feedback during the writing of this paper. Thanks to the supported by Shanghai Summit Discipline in Design - DA17014.


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