Comparison of Regeneration Mechanism on Public and Private Subject of Small-Scale Historical Blocks in Chinese City

  • Shun YinEmail author
  • Weiwei Yao
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1214)


Based on the surveys of renewal subjects and the operation mechanisms of two similar cases in historical urban district of Qingdao City. this research proves that the private subject has adaptivity in the small-scale renewal: while the public subject has been faced with a large amount of supervision, examination and approval costs, and the investment of a large number of policy-oriented fund, to some extent, impedes the intervention of social capital through market mechanism. Public subject in this kind of renewal project is not adaptive, its role should embody in establishing flexible regulation mechanism, setting up the approaches to privatization. In this paper, by deep study of the specific case, formed to explain the cognitive model, for the large number of domestic historical living street blocks to achieve public-private partnerships and multiple participation providing the possible strategies.


Liyuan Tapautau Historical district Renewal mechanism 



This research was supported by Shanghai Summit Discipline in Design (Granted No. DA19306).


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