Causes of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Textile Industry

  • Henrijs KalkisEmail author
  • Zenija Roja
  • Gunta Vaisla
  • Inara Roja
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In Latvia textile industry workers suffer from work-related muscular skeletal disorders (WRMSD). The aim of the research is to study the causes of WRMSDs for the tailor’s profession in a medium- sized enterprise. This research involved 120 tailors. Modified Standardized Nordic questionnaire, Borg Scale of Perceived Exertion, Key indicator method was used for analysis of physical workload during manual handling operations. Main survey results show that tailors suffer from pain in shoulders, wrists and fingers, have repetitive arm movements in sitting compulsory work position. Accordingly to Key indicator method tailors refer to hard work level but Borg scale results indicates the load between a low and sufficiently heavy load. To conclude tailors are exposed to tension in muscles of the wrist, neck and shoulders, due to the repetitive, monotonous movements performed by hands during the sewing process, which are the main causes of WRMSDs in textile industry.


Sewers Load Upper limbs Forced posture 



This research has been supported by the project “Ergonomic stress indicators in contemporary technological work environment and possibilities of its improvement in social-technical system “Human-Machine-Environment””, Agreement No. Nr.


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