Using Simplify-Enable-Leverage-Resource (SELR) to Develop Solutions to Identified Opportunities

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The SELR approach was developed by the U. S. Navy Reserve Force to make its associated operations more efficient and responsive to an ever-changing environment. SELR is similar to such programs as 6∑, Lean, Continuous Process Improvement, etc. The letters of SELR are defined as: Simplify by streamlining activities, programs, and policies to make them more efficient; Enable personnel to provide effective capabilities through innovative technology, supportive policies and solutions to identified opportunities; Leverage personnel skills, talents and relationships to further enhance their contributions to the organization; and Resource as the staffing, training, and equipment provision to deliver more responsive talent capabilities to the organization. These topics are discussed in depth and a case study is provided to illustrate the application of SELR.


Ergonomics Simplify Enable Leverage Resource Intervention 


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