Real-Time Video Analytics for Measuring Colonoscopy Performance

  • Yang CaiEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1205)


We have developed a real-time video analytics system for measuring colonoscopy performance, including total visible surface areas, real-time feedback to the endoscopist about the measurements of visible surface areas, video clarity, preparation, and distention conditions. Our lab experiments show that the correlations between the computer and the experienced colonoscopist are: 76% in visible surface area estimation, 83.9% in clarity evaluation, 90% in preparation condition assessment, and 67.9% in distention condition evaluation. Our algorithm appears to be faster in response to dynamic scope movements compared to a 3D scope positioning device. In addition, the clinical experiment shows the system detected unexpected scope malfunction events in real-time.


Endoscopy Video Colonoscopy Real-time Surface area Computer vision 



The authors would like to thank Dawit Weldeghergish for data analysis and Dr. Shyam Thakkar for data collection and the quality of exam evaluation. The project is sponsored by Innovation Works, CMU, and the DHTI program.


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