Structure and Corrosion Resistance of Vacuum-Arc Multi-period CrN/Cu Coatings

  • Hanna PostelnykEmail author
  • Oleg Sobol
  • Ondrej Chocholaty
  • Sergey Knyazev
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


The influence of deposition conditions (pressure, bias potential, layer thickness) on the structure and corrosion resistance of vacuum-arc multi-period CrN/Cu coatings is studied. For research, we used the methods of precision XRD, scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive microanalysis, impedance spectroscopy, and potentiodynamic polarization tests to detect corrosion resistance in a solution of 0.9% NaCl. According to structural studies, phases with an fcc crystal lattice are formed in the layers: Cu and CrN mononitride. In CrN layers obtained at the highest bias potential of –200 V, a change in the lattice period associated with the action of compression stresses was revealed. Tests for corrosion resistance showed that for all the samples studied, the corrosion process has a predominantly anodic reaction. The most corrosion-resistant coatings are those obtained at a pressure of 5·10−4 Torr and the greatest bias potential of −200 V in constant rotation mode. The feature of such coatings is the smallest thickness of copper and CrN layers (about 8 nm), the presence of compression stresses (which enhances adhesion between the layers), and the absence of a pronounced texture (the paths of easy diffusion are minimized).


Composite coatings Bias potential Phase composition Corrosion rate Polarization curves Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 


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