Factors Affecting the Behavior of Financial Markets in the Light of Financial Risks

  • Zahra HamdaniEmail author
  • Aicha Dif
  • Belkacem Zairi
  • Abdelbaki Benziane
  • Mohamed Hamdani
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1209)


The financial market is the primary source of financing, which institutions need to finance their projects as well as their own potential to achieve their financial and material resources.

The presence of financial markets in any country reflects the development of the economies of countries and their progress. It aims to secure the flow and pool savings to contribute to the investment and development process by mobilizing and directing financial resources, facilitating trading, diversifying risks and increasing investments.

The development of financial markets linked to the economic development experienced by most countries of the world because of their role in stimulating investment.

So, the financial market influenced by the results of past events to anticipate future events in an economic environment characterized by instability and uncertainty due to the possibility of facing financial risks.


Financial market Financial risk Risk management Financial liberalization Interdependence Instability economic 


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