Development of the Typical Design of the High-Pressure Stage of a Steam Turbine

  • Olena AvdieievaEmail author
  • Oleksandr Usatyi
  • Oleksii Vodka
Conference paper
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The article describes the creation of a methodology for the optimal high-efficiency flowing parts of the first compartments of powerful steam turbines, which consists of typical stages. The use of typical stages when creating the flow part of a high-pressure cylinder can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing a steam turbine cylinder. A method for the formulation of the optimization problem is proposed. It ensures the finding of profiles for the nozzle and, accordingly, rotor blades of the same shape with minimal losses on the example of a 310 MW turbine. As a result of the optimization of the first compartment of the high-pressure cylinder, the optimal flow part of the compartment was obtained. Based on which the plan of the numerical experiment was constructed with 6 variable profile parameters. The calculations were carried out using 3D modeling of the working medium flow. Based on the calculation results, the optimal profile was obtained, the profile loss of which is 2.35% less than that of the base one.


Steam turbine High-pressure cylinder Optimization CFD AxStream Plan of the numerical experiment 


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