Research on the Influence of Regional Culture of Agricultural Products on Customers’ Purchase Behavior

  • Mo Chen
  • Jingdong Chen
  • Yuezhen WanEmail author
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1191)


With the rapid development of information, a variety of information flows around the world, which enables people to understand products with different regional and cultural characteristics in different regions on the Internet. At present, the influence of regional culture on a product purchase is increasingly prominent. This paper introduces the dimensions of product quality, product overall image and product culture, constructing the research model of product regional culture on customer purchase behavior. The empirical results show that the three dimensions of product quality, product image and product culture have a positive impact on the purchase behavior, while product quality and product culture have a significant positive impact on customer trust, and customer trust has a significant positive impact on customer purchase behavior. This study takes multi-dimensional product regional culture as the starting point, enriches the theoretical research of customer purchase behavior. The results of the study have a certain enlightenment to promote the development of characteristic industries in other regions.


Product regional culture Customer purchase behavior Customer trust Agricultural products 


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