The Identification of the Company Profile Listed on the Romanian Stock Exchange Involved in CSR Actions

  • Nucă DumitriţaEmail author
  • Grosu Maria
  • Mihalciuc Camelia
  • Apetri Anişoara
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The transition of society, in general, and the economy, in particular, towards a sustainable model of development is a necessity, caused by imminent threats related to the climate change crisis that is affecting us today. Economic entities, through the models of sustainable development adopted, are considered important actors in supporting a sustainable economy, which respond not only to the stakeholders, but to the community in general. Based on these considerations, in our scientific approach, the problematic approach presents, after reviewing the specialized literature, the sustainable development model adopted by the companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) on the regulated market, as a result of the measures imposed, in particular, at EU level, but also on its own initiative according to the 2030 Agenda.


Corporate social responsibilities Sustainable business model Sustainable development Sustainable development goals 


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  3. 3.Department of Accounting, Audit and Finance, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration“Stefan cel Mare” UniversitySuceavaRomania

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