• Ruwantissa Abeyratne


Aviation is at the inflection point in the current digital age. The areas discussed in this book: from sovereignty to cybercrime as well as from drones to identification of the traveller and privacy will be profoundly affected by algorithms. So will air traffic services and aeronautical communications. As Harari says: “soon authority might shift again – from humans to algorithms…the coming technological revolution might establish the authority of big data algorithms, while undermining the very idea of individual freedom”. Firstly, in terms of sovereignty, we have arrived at a point where there is a concept of data sovereignty and ownership which brings to bear issues of privacy. Harari continues: “If we want to prevent the concentration of all wealth and power in the hands of a small elite the key is to regulate the ownership of data”. However, that is easily said than done. Data transmission becomes ambivalent in the face of territorial sovereignty and the Westphalian model may not be the perfect answer. One commentator says: “sovereigntist principles would wreck the internet” as the structure of the internet is globalized and the structure of sovereignty is territorial and that the principle of “freedom of action” where interdependence of sovereignty, which includes the ability of public authorities to regulate the flow of information, ideas, goods, people, capital, et al. into and out of their borders (the most relevant to cyberspace) could be the answer. This again would bring to bear the need to introduce global regulation.


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