Applications in the Aeronautical and Aerospace Industries

  • Jose Martin Herrera Ramirez
  • Raul Perez Bustamante
  • Cesar Augusto Isaza Merino
  • Ana Maria Arizmendi Morquecho


This chapter presents a review of some industrial applications of light alloys and composites. While aluminum alloys and their composites play an important role in the development of aeronautical, aerospace, defense, and automotive industries owing to their improved mechanical properties and low weights, other lightweight materials such as Ti and Mg are being also successfully applied in these industrial sectors. The high-performance characteristics of a modern aeronautic industry are a direct consequence of the high-performance light materials, composites, and their manufacturing. The selection of the alloy type, with characteristics that will depend on the expected application, is a very important aspect from the point of view of its industrial implementation. A case study of the manufacture of thermal spray coatings, based on the use of light alloys with high potential for industrial-scale production, is here presented.


Industrial applications Thermal spray coatings Wear properties Coefficient of friction Nanoindentation 


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  • Jose Martin Herrera Ramirez
    • 1
  • Raul Perez Bustamante
    • 2
  • Cesar Augusto Isaza Merino
    • 3
  • Ana Maria Arizmendi Morquecho
    • 4
  1. 1.Advanced Materials Research CenterChihuahuaMexico
  2. 2.Mexican Corporation for Research on MaterialsCONACYTSan Luis PotosiMexico
  3. 3.Faculty of Engineering, GIIEN Research GroupPascual Bravo University InstitutionMedellinColombia
  4. 4.Advanced Materials Research CenterMonterreyMexico

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