Ovarian Tumours and Ovarian Cancer

  • Maren GoeckenjanEmail author
  • Pauline Wimberger
  • Michael von Wolff


Fertility preservation in women with ovarian tumours and ovarian cancer is a major challenge. Borderline ovarian tumours, malignant germ cell tumours and sex cord stromal tumours are tumour entities for which adequate surgical staging is recommended. In these tumours, fertility-sparing surgery is possible and should be considered in women with a wish to conceive after treatment. After thorough and individual counselling, women with epithelial invasive ovarian cancer can also be treated safely with fertility-sparing surgery if, after complete surgical staging, a tumour stage of FIGA IA G1/G2 is documented. Higher stages with epithelial ovarian cancer should not be treated with fertility-sparing surgery. Controlled hormonal stimulation and cryopreservation of oocytes may be recommended in individual cases. GnRH agonists for medical protection of the ovarian reserve are still under debate. All women should have surgical treatment completed after delivery.


Borderline ovarian tumour Cryopreservation FertiPROTEKT Ovarian cancer Ovarian metastasis Ovarian stimulation Ovarian tissue 


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