• Alexandra S. Kohl SchwartzEmail author
  • Sara Imboden
  • Michael von Wolff


In advanced endometriosis, there is a substantial risk of a reduction of the ovarian reserve. Both the endometriosis itself and the required surgery can affect ovarian function and fertility. For fertility preservation medical treatment to slow down the progression of the disease and ovary conserving surgery by specialised surgeons are essential. If a substantial decrease in fertility is expected as in young women with deep infiltrating endometriosis or in women with endometrioma of both ovaries or of one remaining ovary, ovarian stimulation and freezing of oocytes can be an option. The stimulation regime needs to be adapted to avoid complications and ovarian surgery should not be performed directly after follicle aspiration.


Adenomyosis Endometriosis Endometrioma Endometriosis Fertility Index (EFI) FertiPROTEKT Letrozole Oocyte freezing Ovarian stimulation Ovarian surgery 


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