Optimal Trajectory Shaping Guidance Law with Seeker’s Field-of-View Constraint

  • Shaoming HeEmail author
  • Chang-Hun Lee
  • Hyo-Sang Shin
  • Antonios Tsourdos
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This chapter proposes a new trajectory shaping guidance law for impact time control and impact angle control with seeker’s field-of-view (FOV) limit. The proposed guidance law is derived by using the concept of biased PNG (BPNG). The guidance law developed leverages a nonlinear function to ensure the boundedness of velocity lead angle to cater for seeker’s FOV constraint. The finite-time convergence of the impact time error and impact angle error is theoretically analyzed. By investigating the optimality of the biased command, the physical meaning of the proposed trajectory shaping guidance law is revealed to support practical applications. Numerical simulations clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed formulation.


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  • Shaoming He
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    Email author
  • Chang-Hun Lee
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  • Hyo-Sang Shin
    • 3
  • Antonios Tsourdos
    • 3
  1. 1.School of Aerospace EngineeringBeijing Institute of TechnologyBeijingChina
  2. 2.Department of Aerospace EngineeringKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyDaejeonKorea (Republic of)
  3. 3.Aerospace, Transport and ManufacturingCranfield UniversityCranfieldUK

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