Developable Ruled Surfaces from a Cylindrical Helix and Their Applications as Architectural Surfaces

  • Andrés Martín-PastorEmail author
  • Alicia López-Martínez
Conference paper
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The study of developable surfaces has not been very common in the context of architectural education. This is not due to their complexity, but perhaps to the relatively recent emergence of digital tools that enable these surfaces to be controlled via advanced graphic thinking. In our recent workshops on Geometry and Digital Fabrication, we have worked with developable helical surfaces. These workshops have involved the design, manufacture and assembly of two ephemeral pavilions, the Butterfly Gallery and the Molusco Pavilion. These two experimental structures provided the initial inspiration to enter into the geometrical depth of the expandable conditions of certain helical structures described herein.


Developable surfaces Helicoid Digital fabrication Ephemeral architecture 


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