How to Improve the Education of Engineers—Visualization of String Construction Bridges

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In today’s increasingly developed and built-up environment, Civil Engineering students face the problem of how to connect the technical intricacies of building with important aspects of design, in terms of form and aesthetics. The building structure is one of the main elements in the overall design process that has to be considered by architecture practitioners, as well as engineering practitioners. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, structural design is carried out solely by engineers, and as such, they have an important role in determining which appropriate systems comply best with architectural design. It is the author’s belief that the graduating students of Civil Engineering Faculty should be able to apply their knowledge of each technical system in the context of any architectural design project. Architects and engineers rely heavily on the use of computer tools and software in their work, especially computer-aided design (CAD) and visualization programs. In this study, we present the result of a connection between researches on the structure of string construction objects and education of engineers.


Spatial structures String construction bridges Visualization Engineering education 


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