A 55-Year-Old Diabetic Woman with Feet Pain

  • Robert Fuino
  • Rup Tandan
  • Waqar WaheedEmail author


Diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN) is a result of nerve damage resulting in varying degrees of sensorimotor disturbances. It most commonly presents as a distal sensory polyneuropathy, although other presentations are possible. While pain is not always present in this condition, it occurs frequently enough to make it the primary reason patients seek care. Nerve damage resulting from impaired glycemic control is poorly understood but has a relationship with reactive oxygen species. The diagnosis is determined by the presence of neuropathic symptoms, examination findings, confirmation by electro-diagnostic testing, and, if required, skin biopsy. The mainstays of treatment include control of blood glucose, prevention of ulcers and occult foot injuries, and pain control.


Diabetic neuropathy Neuropathic pain Nerve conduction studies Polyneuropathy Foot pain and diabetes 


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