A 35-Year-Old Man with Persistent Pain After Hand Injury (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)



Complex regional pain syndrome is a pain condition that most often affects limbs, but can involve the rest of the human body. This condition may develop after trauma, surgery, or even minor injury. Its progression is phenotypically variable ranging from self-limiting mild to chronic debilitating disease, affecting patient’s quality of life and creating a burden for both the patient and the society. Early recognition and aggressive treatment may limit the disease progression. However, its underlying pathophysiology is complicated and poorly understood, making its diagnosis and treatment challenging. The diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome relies on clinical findings as there is currently no specific diagnostic test to confirm it. A variety of therapies have been used to treat complex regional pain syndrome; however, most of the evidence for these treatments is of low quality. Further large-scale, well-designed clinical trials are needed to investigate the pathophysiological mechanisms and treatment modalities of the disorder.


Complex regional pain syndrome Upper extremity pain Chronic pain Neuropathic pain Hand injury pain 


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