Design, Synthesis, and Properties of I-III-VI2 Chalcogenide-Based Core-Multishell Nanocrystals

  • V. Renuga
  • C. Neela Mohan
Part of the Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology book series (LNNST, volume 28)


This chapter describes the design and properties of ternary CuInS2- and AgInS2-based core/shell and core-multishell nanocrystals (QDs – quantum dots) considering these ternary materials as core. The focus of this chapter is to deal with the utilization of the full potential of these ternary chalcogenides as an alternative to the existing toxic nanocrystals systems and further improve their optical properties as well as intensity by architecting the core/shell structure. Hot-injection method plays a vital role to architect such highly crystalline nanocrystals with controllability of size. To enhance the luminescence property of these core materials, they are either passivated by wider-bandgap ZnS shell or doped with highly luminescent Mn2+ and Cd2+ ions or combination of these two effects on the surface of core materials. The influence of dopant as shell materials (MnS and ZnS) are also analyzed by architecting core-multishell nanocrystals. The crystal structure, optical properties, and morphologies of the core, core/shell, and core-multishell nanocrystals are analyzed and described in detail in this chapter.


Core/shell Ternary chalcogenides Nanocrystals Core-multishell Luminescence 


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