Donor Procurement Operation in Donation After Circulatory Death Donors

  • David D. LeeEmail author
  • Martin D. Jendrisak


The donor operation in donation after circulatory death (DCD) donors presents unique challenges to the donor hospital staff, organ procurement organization staff, and transplant center team that expose all parties including the liver transplant recipient to challenging risk. Herein, we provide an approach to ensure clear communication, collaborative coordination, and faithful representation of the gift of liver donation in the setting of DCD liver transplantation. In this chapter, we describe the pre-operating room discussion, a detailed description of the modified super-rapid technique as per the Mayo Clinic Florida Protocol, and the critical organ and donation appraisal prior to liver acceptance.


DCD operation Super-rapid technique Asystole-to-cross-clamp Donor warm ischemia time (DWIT) 


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