Common Passwords and Common Words in Passwords

  • Jikai LiEmail author
  • Ethan Zeigler
  • Thomas Holland
  • Dimitris Papamichail
  • David Greco
  • Joshua Grabentein
  • Daan Liang
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Passwords often include dictionary words or meaningful strings. Figuring out these words or strings may significantly reduce the number of password guessing. The wordlists used by password cracking software, such as Hashcat, typically include the words from various dictionaries and leaked plain passwords. Is it really necessary to put all dictionary words and leaked passwords into the wordlist? In this work, we use Mac system dictionary and leak as two sample wordlists to check the substrings of over 600 million leaked passwords from different websites. We find only a small portion of words from these two wordlists are used by the leaked passwords. More specifically, about 90,000 out of 235,886 Mac dictionary words and about six millions out of 13 millions unique passwords are used by the leaked passwords. In addition to that, we find that a small portion of unique passwords are shared by a large portion of accounts.


Password Hashcat Dictionary Substring 


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  • Thomas Holland
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  • Dimitris Papamichail
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  • David Greco
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  • Joshua Grabentein
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  • Daan Liang
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