Applied Ethics: Organizations

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The often dense and arcane writings of theologians and moral philosophers might create the impression morality is an obscure, esoteric subject, but that is not the case. Applied ethics addresses a variety of moral issues which have practical significance. Morality is a vital discipline that can affect multiple aspects of our lives. There are many forums for the discussion of ethical dilemmas. The dilemmas of applied ethics do not always lead to consensus. Professional associations, institutions, organizations and governmental agencies often develop a code of ethical behavior that is intended to be binding on its members. The failure to respect an ethical rule of engineers that they “shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public” resulted in one of the worst accidents in the United States space program, the Challenger Disaster. Ethical questions and ethical dilemmas occur frequently. The uncertainties and controversies of ethical theories might tempt us to avoid ethical deliberation, but many ethical dilemmas cannot be avoided. Ethical questions related to data breeches, the Challenger disaster, the Goldwater Rule, and the right to refuse blood transfusion are discussed.


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