Dermoscopy for Inflammatory Diseases

  • Francesco Lacarrubba
  • Anna Elisa Verzì
  • Giuseppe Micali


Dermoscopy is a noninvasive technique that is useful for the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of several inflammatory cutaneous disorders. In this chapter, the dermoscopy features of the main diseases in which dermoscopy may aid in clinical practice are reported and discussed. The list includes Darier’s disease, discoid lupus erythematous, eczematous dermatitis, erythematous-telangiectatic rosacea, granulomatous diseases, lichen planus, lichen sclerosus, pigmented purpuric dermatoses, pityriasis lichenoides, pityriasis rosea, porokeratosis, psoriasis, urticaria pigmentosa, and Zoon’s mucositis. In their evaluation, different dermoscopic features should be considered, including background color, vascular pattern, color and distribution of scales, follicular structures, and other variable findings depending on the disorder. In some cases, the use of dermoscopy is diagnostic, in others it may help to narrow down the spectrum of possible diagnoses, thus reducing the need for biopsy.


Darier’s disease Discoid lupus erythematous Eczema Rosacea Lichen Pigmented purpuric dermatoses Pityriasis Porokeratosis Psoriasis Urticaria pigmentosa Zoon’s mucositis 


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