The Application of the System-Structural Approach for the Study of the Specifics of the Functioning of Investment and Construction-Holding During the Financial and Economic Crisis of the Resource Type

  • Victor Malinin
  • Leonid ValdshteynEmail author
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 282)


The purpose of the paper is to assess the impact of the resource type of the financial and economic crisis (FEC) on the investment and construction holding (ICH). The structural model of the ICH is presented, which includes all the steps and directions of activity of a typical enterprise. A model for the classification of the FEC is proposed based on the nature and place of changes in the flows of the economic environment. The resource type of the crisis is examined in detail with the identification of the main causes of its occurrence and potential consequences for the construction business. The systemic effect of the FEC on the ICH is shown, highlighting the main elements of the external economic environment and their relationships, taking into account the specifics of the construction industry. Quantitative and qualitative indicators characterizing the FEC in terms of their impact on the IS, including those that allow us to assess the company’s dependence on external factors, are also provided in the paper and critically analyzed. The analysis of the economic condition of the enterprise using the developed indicators allows us to form managerial decisions. In turn, the managerial decisions allow to level the potential consequences of the resource type crisis in case of its occurrence, focusing on increasing the financial and economic efficiency of the enterprise.


Financial and economic crisis Resource crisis Investment and construction holding Development Crisis indicators 


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