Acute Kidney Injury in Yellow Fever

  • Cassia Fernanda Estofolete
  • Rodrigo José Ramalho
  • Horácio José Ramalho
  • Mauricio Lacerda NogueiraEmail author


Yellow fever is an acute arbovirosis characterized by wide clinical spectrum, from asymptomatic to severe forms. The infection is transmitted by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes to humans. The disease usually occurs in two stages, and the yellow fever virus is viscerotropic, with the liver and kidney often affected in severe forms of disease. The renal involvement is multifactorial, including an effect of inflammation and viral replication.


Yellow fever Acute kidney injury Arboviruses Hemorrhagic fever 


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  • Rodrigo José Ramalho
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  • Horácio José Ramalho
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  • Mauricio Lacerda Nogueira
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  3. 3.Department of Parasitic and Infectious DiseasesSchool of Medicine of Sao Jose do Rio PretoSao Jose do Rio PretoBrazil

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