Domestic Responsibilities and Career Advancement

  • Neha P. RaukarEmail author
  • Hannah M. Mishkin


  • Women account for approximately half of the medwical school matriculants in the United States.

  • Women are more likely to choose fields that are perceived to offer a better work-life balance after medical school.

  • Professional women are more likely to have a partner who is another full time professional.

  • Women who want to have children take into consideration how this will affect their careers more than men.

  • Women are more likely to have increased domestic responsibilities, and is the equivalent of one additional work day per week (8 hr./wk).

  • Even though women make up one half of the medical school matriculation, they are underrepresented in academic medicine.

  • While institutional programs for work-life flexibility exist, many women and men are reluctant to utilize these programs for fear of being perceived as “not as dedicated.”

  • Cultural and systems-based changes need to occur to support the growing cohort of female physicians who chose to have a family while pursuing a career in medicine. 


Domestic responsibilities Unpaid domestic labor Nonprofessional responsibilities 


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