Methods of Surgical Tracheotomy/Tracheostomy

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In clinical everyday life, surgical tracheotomies appear to be routine interventions and, for the less familiar, as a supposedly simple and problem-free intervention. This chapter presents the differential indications and provides decision-making aids for tracheotomies in difficult anatomical situations, with extensive tumor diseases, postoperative and radiotherapeutic changes or considerable obesity, including questions of aftercare. In the text, the professional execution of the different methods of surgical tracheotomy is taught step by step and supplemented by numerous pictures. The procedure for tracheotomy of the fat neck is described in detail. Complications of tracheotomies and ways to avoid them are discussed. The chapter concludes with information on the initial equipment of tracheotomized patients for rehabilitation.


Surgical tracheostomy Indications Contra-indications Performing Fat neck Complications 


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