A Review on Design and Performance of Improved Biomass Cook Stoves

  • Atsede Tariku WoldesemayateEmail author
  • Samson Mekbib Atnaw
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Nearly half of the world’s population uses solid fuels for their domes- tic energy needs. Among those who use indoor cooking stoves, the poorest fam ilies living in rural areas most frequently use solid fuels. The use of indoor three stone fire cookers in rural areas of developing countries is known to be detrimental to the health of people. Hence, development of an improved biomass cook stove will be helpful for the betterment of people’s lives especially women. This review presents results of studies carried out on improved biomass cook stoves. Traditional cook stove consumes high amount of resulting in higher health risks to people from higher carbon emissions. In order to avoid this health risk as well as reducing fuel consumption number of researchers in our countries could be design, develop and testing of a new improved cook stove. The discussion on the design of improved cook stoves was presented under different classifications with regarding to Air supply system, Fuel type, Operation, Number of pot and Construction material. In addition, results of experimental investigation done by various authors on the performance of cook stoves in terms of efficiency, burning rate, specific fuel consumption and power output is presented. Upon this parameter some of the researchers compare the traditional biomass cook stove with improved cook stove. From experimental test result the improved cook stoves are high performance than traditional stove.


Biomass cook stove Thermoelectric generator cook stove Thermal efficiency 



First and for most, I would like to thank to St. Merry and her son Jesus Christ, who saves me from any kinds of obstacles. Next, I would like to dedicate this work to everyone who helped me directly and indirectly during the course of my review paper. More importantly, I want to thank with utmost gratitude Mr. Tesfaye Wondatir, Mr. Gebre Fenta, Mr. Yibeltal Tilahun and Dr. Samson Mekbib for spending their time to provide me with all the guidance and support to complete my review.


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