Application of Information Management System in Construction Engineering Management

  • Yao WangEmail author
  • Qin Tao
  • Yanqing Cui
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The management of construction engineering is the core of engineering quality. The quality of construction engineering is directly related to people’s life and safety issues. Quality inspection and quality supervision are very important in the construction of construction engineering. With the introduction of the information management system, the mutually independent status of each project has changed, and the information between the modules can be realized in real time. Starting from the aspect of project management, the introduction is the information management system in project document information management. Studies have shown that with the advent of the information age, all industries will use information technology to achieve informationization and dataization. Information management system technology, construction, and management, is an important foundation for achieving and ensuring the integration of engineering project management and information technology. It can be seen that the information management system technology has great application value in project management.


Information management system Construction engineering Real-time interaction Informatization Data 


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