Online Sales System of Sports Club Fitness Equipment Based on 5G Network

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This article explains the construction and implementation of a fitness equipment online sales system based on 5G network technology. The arrival of the 5G era will update the traditional sales model, and e-commerce is bound to have more outstanding development space. Using a 5G network to build a sales platform, buyers and sellers can break the boundaries of time and space, and experience and understand products at any time and place. At the same time, they can reduce the information gap between buyers and sellers, establish a transparent and open commodity market, and make transactions more fair. The online sales system based on the SSH framework has two prominent advantages, information security and management convenience. On the one hand, users can rest assured that they can use their own information to customize them to choose the products that are most suitable for them. On the other hand, businesses can get rid of the scorching pre-sale and after-sale order management, real-time grasp of the product sales in the warehouse, focus on sales trends, and timely Make a sales strategy response. The online sales system designed by this institute consists of two modules, the front-end and the back-end, which are targeted at the client and the manager respectively. The two modules are overlapped and independent, to meet the different needs of users in different situations. Reach a high-quality experience in the 5G era.


5G network Network slicing SSH framework Online sales 


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