The Construction of Network Platform of Outdoor Sports Club

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In recent years, the development of sports in China, the importance of sports activities is also increasing. At the same time, with the improvement of social and economic level, people’s overall living standards have also improved significantly. People have higher requirements for physical and mental health. In this situation, outdoor sports activities gradually enter people’s lives. As a new industry, outdoor sports clubs are developing vigorously, and have a growing influence on people’s lives. The growing number of members of outdoor sports clubs has left them with a lot of information to process. At the moment, however, outdoor sports clubs cannot cope with the complexity of information. Therefore, it is particularly important to build a network platform for outdoor sports clubs and process information resources with the help of network technology to realize the orderly development of outdoor sports clubs. Based on a brief overview of outdoor sports and outdoor sports clubs, this paper sets up the network platform module of outdoor sports clubs with the help of Kohonen network algorithm, and puts forward the construction strategy of network platform of outdoor sports clubs.


Outdoor sports Outdoor sports clubs Network platform Kohonen algorithm 


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