Smart Irrigation and Crop Disease Detection Using Machine Learning – A Survey

  • Anushree Janardhan RaoEmail author
  • Chaithra Bekal
  • Y. R. Manoj
  • R. Rakshitha
  • N. Poornima
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 49)


Water wastage in agricultural fields has been one of the major issues in various countries especially in India. Hence it is very important to reduce water loss in different situations due to various factors like pipe leakage or leaving excess water into the farms without knowing. This paper provides various insights on the comparison of different methods to reduce water loss using various machine learning techniques. Diseases in crops, reduces the quality of each product and the quantity of agricultural product. Thus we require image processing techniques, as it will help in accurate and timely detection of diseases and helps in reducing the errors of humans. Production of crops can be increased by detecting the disease well in time. Automatic detection of plant sickness helps in analyzing the crop and robotically detects the sign of the alignments as soon as they appear on plant leaves in order to prevent the loss of crops.


Smart irrigation Crop diseases Crop loss Machine learning Image processing 


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  • Anushree Janardhan Rao
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    Email author
  • Chaithra Bekal
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  • Y. R. Manoj
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  • R. Rakshitha
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  • N. Poornima
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