Implementation of IoT for Trash Monitoring System

  • Vansh Manchanda
  • Ruchika BathlaEmail author
  • Deepa Gupta
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 49)


Waste materials management is among the primary issues that the globe faces regardless of the case of a developed or developing nation. The classic method of manually monitoring the waste products in waste material bins is usually a troublesome procedure and utilizes more human being work, some cost which could very easily become prevented with this system. This system will assist you to alert the municipality by measuring the garbage and location of the bin with the status of the bin. This system is capable to identify 4 types of rubbish i.e. home waste, newspaper, glass, plastic material and suggested that upon LCD display. In this system, we are applying ultrasonic detectors which help in measuring the amount of garbage and ARM microcontroller which regulates system procedures. We can to anticipate this system can help us to create a green environment through monitoring and managing and variety of trash within a smartly way with Internet-of-Things.


ARM Arduino Ultrasonic sensor ESP8266 DC motor Power supply IOT 


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