The Mountains

  • Donald McKenzie


The mountains of the West are part of the American Cordillera in its widest part. They form the Laramide and Nevadan Belts and the Pacific Coast Ranges. I describe each of the major and many of the minor ranges, after a summary of continental-scale topography and its interactions with climate. These descriptions are brief overviews of the topics of Chapters  3 7, with variations based on which topics have the greatest importance. Glaciers and snow are much more dominant in the northern ranges: Cascade Range and the northern Rocky Mountains. Drought and water limitation are more important in the desert ranges and those with Mediterranean climates. I also sketch the human history of each. At the end of each chapter that follows, I revisit the ranges, with overviews of how each will experience the topic(s) of the chapter.


Cordillera Pacific Coast Ranges Cascade Range Sierra Nevada American Rockies Sky Islands Basin Ranges 

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