Performance Evaluation of Different Halftone Kernels for Binary Face Recognition

  • Yumnam Kirani SinghEmail author
  • Vanlalhruaia
Conference paper
Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 12)


Face recognition is done gray or color images. Face recognition can be also done in binary images. Halftone images are binary images having gray shade information. These images are more informative as compared to binary images. Halftone images can be generated from different kernels. The quality of a halftone image depends on the kernel used to generate it. Halftone images can be used to generate human recognizable features for face recognition. The human recognizable features are fed to multiclass SVM classifiers for face recognition. The performance of using different human recognizable features generated from halftone images of different standard kernels is studied. It is found that some of kernels give higher recognition rate than the other. Also, the performance is also dependent on size of the window used for feature extraction. In most cases, the minimum size window 3 × 3 gives higher recognition rate in most of the cases. Of the standard kernels Frankie Siera-3, Stucki kernels give higher recognition rate and of the proposed kernels P2 kernel gives higher recognition rate than other proposed kernels.


Halftone image Halftone kernels Human recognizable features Multiclass SVM classifier Face recognition 


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