Approach for the Prevention of Audio Piracy

  • Avantika MussadyEmail author
  • Parichita Ray
  • Sauvik Bal
Conference paper
Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 12)


Idea behind this approach deals with the attainment and utilization of multimedia files which includes songs, videos, stories, lectures etc. from unauthorized source and is termed as Online Piracy. Yes, piracy is illegal, and is one of the most commonly faced issue in today’s era of the multimedia files being available exclusively on websites. These users extricate stream of content illegally and when asked why the most popular reason that comes up is people find it hard to wait for the release, the cost is high and they are unwilling to pay in exchange of the media content, etc. They put effort on finding and accessing such unlicensed content through various websites. This paper provides an approach which can be used to keep a check on the rate of online piracy of multimedia files, using the basic encryption followed by advanced decryption.


Multimedia file encryption Online piracy Runtime decryption 


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