State of Internet Measurement in Africa - A Survey

  • Musab Isah
  • Amreesh PhokeerEmail author
  • Josiah Chavula
  • Ahmed Elmokashfi
  • Alemnew Sheferaw Asrese
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering book series (LNICST, volume 311)


This paper presents the results of a survey aimed at understanding the status of Internet measurement platforms usage, deployment and capabilities in Africa. It presents findings related to prevalence of measurement in the region, the reasons why the different business categories investigated conduct Internet measurement as well as the metrics of interest to these entities. The survey also looked at the popular measurement platforms that the respondents use in their measurement activities as well as the platforms that are hosted by businesses and users in the African region. The survey also recorded responses related to data handling and privacy considerations. A total of 123 responses were received from 34 countries. The survey revealed that Internet measurements are not widely conducted in the region largely due to the inadequacy of deployed measurement platforms, the lack of awareness in the subject, and the lack of relevant skills to carry out the measurement tasks. We outlined some recommendations to remedy these issues.


Measurement Network monitoring Platforms Mobile Metrics Fixed-line Measurement-tools 



Authors would like to thank Roderick Fanou of CAIDA/UC San Diego for his many vital pointers during the course of this study.


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  • Musab Isah
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  • Amreesh Phokeer
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    Email author
  • Josiah Chavula
    • 2
  • Ahmed Elmokashfi
    • 3
  • Alemnew Sheferaw Asrese
    • 4
  1. 1.African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC)EbeneMauritius
  2. 2.University of Cape TownCape TownSouth Africa
  3. 3.Simula Metropolitan CDEOsloNorway
  4. 4.Aalto UniversityEspooFinland

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