Nicolaus CUSANUS: The Homogeneous Cosmos

  • Pierre Connes
  • James Lequeux
Part of the Historical & Cultural Astronomy book series (HCA)


Anywhere a man is, he will believe himself in the center.


Ancient Authors

  1. +Cusanus, N. (1440) De Docta Ignorantia Libri Tres, 1440; translated as On Learned Ignorance by Fr. Germain Heron (1954) with Introduction by J.B. Hawkins), New Haven Yale University Press, by J. Hopkins (1985) as Nicholas of Cusa on Learned Ignorance, A.J. Benning, ed., and in French by L. Moulinier (1930) as De La Docte Ignorance, Editions de la Maisnie, Paris, 1930. (with Introduction by Abel Rey).Google Scholar
  2. +Cusanus, N. (1453) De Pace Fidei, translated with an Introduction by Jasper Hopkins (1990), Banning Press, Minneapolis.Google Scholar

Historians and Modern Authors

  1. ∗Duhem, P. (1959) Le Système du Monde, Histoire des doctrines cosmologiques de Platon à Copernic (10 vol.), Hermann, Paris.Google Scholar
  2. °Koyré, A. (1957) From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe, Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore.Google Scholar

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  • Pierre Connes
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  • James Lequeux
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  2. 2.AntonyFrance

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