Fire Behavior of Bamboo, Guadua angustifolia

  • Laia HaurieEmail author
  • Alina Avellaneda
  • Joaquin Monton
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Bamboo is a promising building material because it is a renewable resource and it grows extremely fast. Bamboo has been widely used in the traditional architecture of some countries, but now the development of different bamboo products can expand its applications. As in the case of timber products, one of the main concerns about bamboo is the fire behavior. Therefore, in this work we have studied the fire behavior of the Guadua angustifolia depending on various parameters. We have evaluated the effect of moisture and also the influence of the microstructure on the flammability of bamboo. The results show a clear influence of the level of moisture on the fire behavior and some differences depending on the microstructure of bamboo. The internal part, which is rich in vascular cells and parenchyma tissue, has less ability to form a charred residue than the external layer rich in silicon.

Another part of this work consisted on evaluating the performance of different flame retardants added into bamboo trough impregnation. We have used different combinations of flame retardants, based on boron and phosphorous salts. We have found promising results that could allow the improvement of the fire reaction classification of some bamboo products.


Bamboo Fire reaction Flame retardant Impregnation 



This work has been funded by the BIA2017-88401-R project (AEI /FEDER, EU).


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  1. 1.Barcelona School of Building ConstructionUniversitat Politecnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech (UPC)BarcelonaSpain

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