Introducing Parametric CAD in a First Year Course in Engineering Degree: A Case Study

  • Alba Roda-SalesEmail author
  • Verónica Gracia-Ibáñez
  • Maria-Jesús Agost
  • Miquel Gómez-Fabra Gómez
  • Mariana Núñez-García
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


Teaching in technical drawing is evolving towards new paradigms based on 3D modeling. This tendency is reflected in the evolution of the first course subject of technical drawing, common to different bachelor’s degrees (Mechanical, Industrial Technologies, Electrical and Chemical) in Engineering at Universitat Jaume I. Nevertheless, although 3D modelling has been gaining importance, its introduction to students has always been preceded by lessons on projection systems. In this course, as a step further in a general methodological change, it was proposed to introduce students to the different projection systems and the achievement of engineering drawings from 3D models, improving their spatial vision and shape recognition. Aiming for a more intuitive introduction to 3D modeling, the use of a specific commercial parametric CAD software has been implemented. Moreover, its use will provide students a basis to work on contents of subsequent subjects (finite element analysis, computer-aided manufacturing, etc.). Beyond the above advantages, the effect of this implementation has been assessed on academic performance through scores comparisons. Furthermore, both students and teachers answered specific questionnaires, obtaining that students prefer the new software implemented in several aspects assessed. It was also obtained that both students and teachers perceive the methodological change as an improvement regarding the past course, what is coherent with the score increase reported this present course regarding the past one.


3D modelling Parametric CAD Learning experience Engineering drawing 



The research work reported here was made possible by the Innovative Education Project titled “Aprofundiment en conceptes de modelatge 3D paramètric” given by USE - Universitat Jaume I.


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