On SDN Controllers Placement Problem in Wide Area Networks

  • Firas Fawzy ZobaryEmail author
  • ChunLin Li
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Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new paradigm where the forward plan is decoupled from the control plan. The controller is a central program that tells the switches and routers how to react to the incoming flows and different network changes. The placement of the controllers considering different metrics becomes a challenge in SDN WAN. In this paper, we study the controller placement problem in terms of propagation delay and load balancing. An extended K-means algorithm is introduced to partition the network into several subnetworks and place the controllers in nodes that minimize the network delay. Then a load balance index is calculated to check the effectiveness of the load balancing considering a metric \( \varvec{\beta} \) as the load difference between controllers. The result analysis shows that a trade off should be done between the delay and load balancing depending on the priority of the network and no optimal case can be found that minimize both of the metrics at the same time.


Software Defined Network Controller placement Propagation delay Load balancing 


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