Research Conclusions and Emerging Agenda

  • Osagie IgbinigieEmail author
  • Mark Cook
  • Lucy Zheng


This research investigates the motivations of R&D FDI. This study was motivated by the need to provide empirical evidence on a less-researched aspect of FDI, that is, R&D FDI. This study recognised R&D FDI to be similar to other traditional elements of FDI (e.g. production) and thus hypothesised that inward R&D FDI in the UK is attracted by specific motivations for market-seeking, efficiency-seeking, and strategic asset-seeking motivations. And that the specific motivations by heterogeneous investing MNE (OECD vs non-OECD) would explain the strategic motivations of inward R&D FDI in the UK. This chapter concludes this study by providing a conclusion summarising the study empirical findings, outlining its contributions to knowledge and practice. This chapter also makes salient recommendations for future research and identified some limitations experienced in undertaking this study.


Exploitation Augmentation Market Efficiency Strategic Assets 


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