Problem Statement for Preparing a Single Batch of End Product Under Uncertainty

  • Anna ZykinaEmail author
  • Olga Kaneva
  • Vladimir Savkin
  • Tatyana Fink
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11974)


Oil refining is a key industry of the world economy. Growing hydrocarbon production cost and global competition in the oil market encourage the oil refining industry to optimize the production scheme. The evolution of mathematical tools of automated enterprise control systems is closely connected with the systems development at each level of control. Mathematical models for organizational and economic control of the enterprise and process control models are widely presented in publications and implemented in the enterprise information systems. The management of operational scheduled and dispatching production is one of the most complex problems. The paper deals with the problem of finding an optimal ratio for the components from the tanks to obtain an oil product of the required amount and quality in a commercial tank. The peculiarity of the mathematical models proposed for solving the problem is that only the boundaries for each quality indicator of petroleum product are known. To formalize the emerging uncertainty, models utilizing the interval approach are proposed.


Oil refining Mathematical tools of automated systems Production processes optimization Calendar task Dispatch schedule Interval optimization 


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